Prestige Tree Surgery Health Care Plan Service Level Agreement


Routine tree inspection ensures you can maintain your tree so they do not present a safety hazard or nuisance to church visitors or to its structures. This service provides a record of your trees, their management and maintenance (as well as identifying risks from tree on land or adjoining church site) and provides technical support and advice in respect of their trees.

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  • Maintains a documented record of routine inspections
  • Provides advice & recommendations for tree maintenance & management
  • Ensure compliance with Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Utilises tree inspectors that are qualified, experienced and fully CRB checked.
  • Assists in managing the quality of the natural environment within the site.
Service Specifications
  • Conduct a detailed visual inspection of all trees
  • Assess the health & condition of the trees and identify any risk that they present to church users or structures.
  • Assess and provide any tree work specification to British Standard :3998; Tree Work Recommendations.
  • Provide a summary report in the form of a printed (PDF) annotated site plan and associated schedule of trees, which includes recommended, prioritised tree-work specification.
  • Suggest any appropriate tree management advice in the summary report.
  • Any tree work required will be carried out within your agreement with no additional costs
  • Any tree preservation orders will be submitted by ourselves on your behalf.
  • All waste material from tree-works will be removed from site.
  • All Prestige personal will carry out their duties in a courteous, respectful manner.
Billing & Payments
  • The fee for the tree health care package is payable upfront for an agreed sum, starting from £600.00 for the duration of 36 months.
  • The first survey will be carried out within seven days from payment, then one annually for the remainder of the package.
  • Any tree work required within the 36 months will be carried out with no additional payment required.